Proprietary Production Tables

Pipe Worker BudWrap remains peerless for Industrial Production Rates. We serve our Commercial clients effectively, with a Commercial Project Type option. These rates are specifically tailored for Commercial projects. We also offer FLEX LABOR. We display our LF/Day Production rate used for all Piping, adjusted for Jobsite factors. You are then free to override this rate with your own, should you feel the situation warrants the change, or set it to zero, to restore the Buddy rate.
Now you have the benefit of our exclusive Industrial rates and experience, comprehensive Commercial rates, and the flexibility to adjust them to the project.
The Labor rates utilized by BudWrap are the result of over 40 years’ collection and refinement. Our tables cover three basic Insulation Types: Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool, and Fiberglass. (Other materials may be used, in conjunction with Custom Pricing). We offer full Piping coverage of all pipe sizes from 1/2″ O.D. to 50″ O.D., 1-inch Single Layer to 7 1/2″ Double Layer.

Our tables include Linear-Foot/Man-Hour rates for straight pipe, bends, and pipeline, as well as precise Component/MH rates for 90/45 Ells, Fittings, Flanges, and Flanged Valves. No simple modifiers or other imprecise methods will suffice. All types of Jacket are also accommodated, with special treatment for Ells, Fittings, Flanges, Flanged Valves, P-Traps, Tees, and End Caps.

Equipment coverage is equally comprehensive. From 1″ Single Layer to 5″ Double Layer Insulation, we have complete Labor Tables for Boilers, Hoppers, Vessels (Shells, Heads and Cones) Ducts (Cylindrical and Flat) Turbines, Pumps, Fans, and Expansion Joints. We include provisions for Glass Fab & Mastic, A-Cloth, Weld Pins, J-Hooks/Road Mesh, and Cement. When you specify Metal on Flatwork, our system automatically builds the grid system for you too, including all Materials (lagging, girts, standoffs) and Labor.

BudWrap incorporates the most realistic, as well as comprehensive, set of Insulation Production Rates in existence, for large-scale Industrial and Mechanical Insulation projects. Now Commercial contractors can also enjoy BudWrap’s experience and user-friendly features.